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New website in development. Clients come first, oh an I don’t really build sites for clients myself I get proper designers to do that. I just do the SEO because I think it is 2 different skill sets, SEO and designing websites. One discipline relies on the use of the right side of the brain, the other a left brain skills usage.

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No my office doesn’t look that good

I am just a freelancer doing SEO. I work from home an its not quite that fancy, but my results will be more impressive

Oh the below company logos, I haven’t been featured on any of those publications. It’s probably true for about 99% of the agencies in the marketing world, but they won’t tell you the truth. They probably will not lie either but, they will have lots of brand logos on their sites implying that they have worked for some superstars.

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Website Audits

Yeah got the tools to do this and maybe for free. However, if you seriously wanting to get more traffic it needs to include a manual SEO audit and then some kind of plan going forward. Yes and that my friend is gong to cost you

Content Marketing

Another term for content I presume. I just used a fancy template, but yes I can produce well researched content that will help your site rank in Google. If we are lucky we might get a trickle of traffic from Bing as well.

Link Building

Don’t really do much of this, 1 google no like and 2, its not always needed with the right content. SEO pros don’t laugh I have been know to use Web 2 links and yes they work. Look at my SEO case studies.

Local SEO

Yeah this what I do all day every day, even at weekends when I don’t have the kids. There are many ways to carry out SEO and we all do it differently. However, one thing all SEO people agree on, well it depends


Not Sheilagh picture and I have yet to ask for her testimony, but after 8 months helping her I am hoping she will say yes. Small budget and mainly give strategic SEO advice for her to implement.

Sheilagh Blyth

Thats not Davids picture, I need to ask him for a headshot rather than the full length picture I used before the site redesign.

David Ellis

This isn’t the correct picture but this represent my largest client. With a larger budget you can do so much more and the results speak for themselves. Started with around 10 visitors a day, now its 500 +

– Name

No it’s not Robins picture, he actually is a nice Scottish gent with an e-commerce site. I am going to ask for a testimonial from him, after all I have been working with him for over 36 months so far. Small budget, not much increases in traffic but back in 2018 he had 150 items ordered for the year. Oct 2021 700+ so far


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