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Hi, I’m Karl Morley, founder of SME SEO Agency and your partner in elevating your online presence. My journey into SEO began in 2011, stemming from a deep-rooted desire to deliver genuine value and transparent results in search engine optimisation.

Where My SEO Expertise Began

My expertise has its roots in the casino supply industry, where I rapidly advanced from an engineer to a regional manager. My knack for distilling complex information into accessible content paved the way for my entry into the digital world. It all started with Blogger and WordPress, where I honed my skills in SEO, moving beyond just sharing information efficiently to mastering the art of online visibility.

SEO Freelancer Karl Morley
Karl Morley SEO Freelancer

From Affiliate Marketing to SEO Mastery

A combination of passion and necessity fueled the transition from affiliate marketing to SEO mastery. After experiencing the volatility of affiliate commissions firsthand, I dedicated myself to mastering SEO. I invested in comprehensive training, including courses from Yoast, to structure and refine my SEO strategies.

Embracing the Freelancer Journey

In 2018, I embraced the flexibility of being an SEO freelancer, driven by a life change and the desire to provide the best for my family. This path has not only allowed me more time with my loved ones but has also enabled me to help small businesses thrive online.

Long-Term Relationships, Tangible Results

My approach to SEO is straightforward and client-focused. I believe in building long-term relationships, evidenced by my ongoing work with my first client from People Per Hour. My clients stick with me because they see actual results – not just data but genuine growth in their online visibility and business success.

Simple, Understandable, and Effective SEO

At SME SEO Agency, we demystify SEO. We aim to make the complex world of search engine algorithms understandable and accessible. We don’t just offer services; we offer clarity and insight into the work we do for you.

  • Transparent Pricing: We charge by the hour, providing clear, no-surprise invoices.
  • Regular Reporting: Monthly reports detail our activities and your site’s progress.
  • Open Communication: We’re just a call away if you have questions or need more insight.

Choose SME SEO Agency: Where Passion Meets Expertise

With SME SEO Agency, your business is not just another project. It’s a passion. We put our heart and expertise into every SEO strategy, ensuring that every hour of work we do translates into real growth for your business.

Are you ready to see the difference that dedicated, expert SEO can make for your business? Let’s embark on this journey together.



My 5 Star Reviews on People Per Hour.

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SEO (search engine optimisation) Industry Recognised Qualifications

Mark Williams Cook SEO Training

Of course the ever changing algorithms of Google the learning never stops. Learn, test, test, test, test and one day you may become proficient.

Karl Morley's Williams-Cook SEO course certificate

Why Take The Course

I decided to take the course because I had followed Mark on LinkedIn for many years. He posted content on a regular basis on the topic of SEO and it resinated with my beliefs.

Mark never posted any bold claims just nuggets of SEO wisdom (Unsolicited #SEO tips), unlike other SEO experts that just post complete B########.

Imposter Syndrome: After many years following the process I started to question am I doing it right. Yes I had clients sites ranking, they came back every month, but still I had doubts.

The best value for money SEO course ever, again I did learn things along the way. More importantly I discovered that I was still on the right path.

Since I last did Mark’s SEO course he has updated it with new modules. So at some point I need to make time and complete the course. Marks Unsolicited #SEO tips has now grow to 500+ tips so follow the link above and learn.

Yoast SEO Certifications

Karl Morley's Yoast Basic SEO certificate
Yoast Basic SEO Certificate
Karl Morley's Yoast Technical Certificate
Yoast Technical Certificate

Why Yoast SEO Training

After many years researching, digesting and implementing SEO on my affiliate sites I needed to validate my beliefs. Yes I was ranking keywords and making money from my affiliate site but I wanted to explore formal training.

Throughout the course I did learn new things along the way and some sections just reinforced what I did know. What all these modules achieved was the consolidation of all that knowledge.

It gave me order and structure which gave me more focus to be able to create strategic plans for my clients. In the ever changing online world these plans are refined and reworked on a regular basis.

Karl Morley's Yoast Plugin Certificate
Yoast Plugin Certificate
Karl Morley's Yoast SEO Copywriting Certificate
Yoast SEO Copywriting Certificate
Karl Morley's Yoast Site Structure Certificate

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My Hobbies

Well SEO started out as a hobby because of my affiliate site and with my passions site. The other passion apart from SEO is food, thats why I run Cheap Dinner Ideas and The British Charcuterie. I guess that I am the SEO foodie.