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My name is Karl Morley and I am search engine optimiser. I started the SME SEO Agency out of frustration and from the fact I never thought I was getting value for money from other SEO marketeers. I tried using a few whilst I was still working in the casino supply industry. I started exploring SEO in December 2011.

Where The SEO Started

Originally in the casino supply business I was an engineer and 1 of about 12 in the country. Then we introduced a new product into the UK casinos and it was an instant success. That product was an electronic remote betting terminal linked to live roulette wheels in the casino. This meant that more people could play from a single wheel an play in their own personal space as well.

I learned everything I could about the product and soon the company needed more engineers. They all needed training so I produced content and began training the new engineers. As I moved up in the company I had amassed quite a lot of information on the products we serviced. I then I got promoted to a regional manager which was a postive step forward fo me.

Distribution Of Information

Because I had been there from the beginning I knew pretty much everything about every product. The down side to this was that the engineers would all ring me for the answers or advice which I gladly did. However part of my managerial responsibilities was also to look after the casino clients, meetings, data reports, etc. I had to get that information over in a more efficient way.

I discovered Blogger and I used the platform to put all my manuals on there along with contact information fo every casino and manager in the UK. Of course this was password protected, so soon I got the message out, “don’t ring me unless you have read the help guide”. The other offices around the world found out what I had done and wanted access to the info as well.


The next step was WordPress, I had overheard one of our sales guys talking about it. So I built a free WordPress site and started reading about SEO. I found it a little limiting in what needed to do so I went over to the paid version of WordPress. As I worked in casinos all may life at that the I decided to do an affiliate casinos site. Everyone was reviewing the online casino games so I wanted to do it a little different.

I started to review the land based casinos, makes sense as I had visited every casino in the UK. The money I made was infrequent and not much at all really, I continued to read and learn about SEO. This was all after my 60/80 hour week as a manager, night times and weekends. It was after about 5/6 years of trying different things I started to get lucky. I had been made redundant and it gave me more time to invest in the site.

Affiliate Commission

The money started to build and build, along with a few affiliates under me as well (I got a cut of their earnings as well). The income was now in the high 4 figures per month and then the 5 figures per month. At this point I hardly touched the website again for the next 24 months, spend spend spend, holidays all year round.

There came a point when I released that this could not go on forever and started to look at ways of investing rather than spending. Eggs all in one basket, I put all my new sign ups through Sky bet as the commission levels I was on where just too good to push them somewhere else. Then it happened, Sky bet announced the closure of their affiliate program. So a 5 figure income doing nothing to the possibility of earning nothing back in 2017.

Re-Train in SEO

With my last pay check from Sky Bet I invested in all the Yoast training they had to offer at the time. This helped me to properly organise all the SEO information I had accumulated over the years. This then allowed me to put structure into my work and also document testing after all the basics were applied to each website. I still continue to learn every single day in this industry and the eve changing algorithms of Google.

A change in life circumstances happened a few years ago and I decided that being a freelancer in SEO would give me the flexibility to see the kids as much as possible. I have now been providing SEO to small business since 2018. I still do work for the very first person who gave me work on people Per Hour, in fact most of my clients are all long term and not even on a contract. They come back each month because they are happy with the service that I provided them. My first SEO case study after 2 years work on the site.


We try to simplify everything about SEO to make it easier to understand what you actually paying for. No expensive or outrageous monthly contract fees to deal with.

We charge you by the hour for the work done and provide you with monthly reports on our SEO activity. If there is something that you don’t understand about the SEO we are doing we will quite happily give you a deeper explanation. If your still not happy then just pick up the phone.

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Of course the ever changing algorithms of Google the learning never stops. Learn, test, test test test and one day you may become proficient.

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My Hobbies

Well SEO started out as a hobby because of my affiliate site and with my passions site. The other passion apart from SEO is food, thats why I run Cheap Dinner Ideas and The British Charcuterie. I guess that I am the SEO foodie.