Case Study: High St Branded Products (Shopify)

SEO Case Studies

Originally this client came to me in December 2022 and the initial contact was for a basic site audit. Their products are sold in major High St stores and Amazon. They do not own any physical locations all products are sold through 3rd party retailers and online. However, the website was vastly lacking in exposure and currently a very low percentage of the total sale. Their profit margins are thin because they are paying a lot of commission to the high street retailers and Amazon.

In this case study I want to document the steps it takes to increase their website sales.

The initial audit revealed that they had 3 different domains for their brand. The main site was, but then the shop section was hosted on Shopfiy. Then they also had a US version selling the same products but trying to target the American market.

After The Audit

I gave them the feedback that ideally they need to have the main site and the shop all on one platform. They revealed that they were talking to there Agency about changing the website and they would get to me. One of the issue from the audit was that most of their traffic was coming from Brand queries.

All Search Queries
Non Branded Queries

A few months went by and




  • Products (Limited)

Issues After Audit

  • Cannibalisation
  • Thin Content
  • No Internal Linking Structure
  • No Focus on Keywords
  • No Content Direction
  • No Content Categories
  • No Focus on Website (Just 3rd Party Sales)

Software Used


  • Collaboration
  • Strategy
  • Content Calendars


  • Amazon
  • High St Retailers

Project Status

  • Active

Project Acquired

  • Referral From Existing Client

Website Maintenance

  • Agency


  • Google Meet
  • Emails
  • Google Drive (To Do List)


  • Shopify

Lighthouse Performance Score

  • 60

Backlink Campaigns

  • None


  • Undecided (Co founder does not want the ranking report as they are time poor. Various other options of tracking progress have been sent. Awaiting feedback