How to rank in google today

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The Easy Guide To Rank In Google Today

Now everyone that has a website wants to rank in google today of course. This guide is not a technical jargon filled guide with how to’s. This is for the average everyday website owner to be able to understand exactly what the processes are.

If you would like to know the basics of how to rank in google today then this is for you. A simple guide with hints tips and links to deeper resources if you need them. Not everyone will make a good SEO practitioner as it takes patience and attention to detail. However if you can at least understand the process of how to rank in Google you can make better informed choices.

The Steps To Rank In Google Today

  • Find your Keyword
  • Analysis of page 1 for that chosen keyword
  • Create something better or different
  • Make people want to share
  • On page SEO
  • Ensure it looks good on the eye
  • Build links to the page
  • Improve and update
  • Increase your domain authority

Finding Your Perfect Keyword

This is the tricky part and you should not underestimate the amount of time needed for this. There are plenty of keyword research tools that you can use. I use a free one from Neil Patel and its now packed full of features and for free. So if you are a small independent website owner do not spend lots of money just use Ubersuggest

screen shot of ubersuggest on the article on how to rank in google today

Start simple and use this basic keywords ideas page in the first instance. Also be realistic on what sites you compete against. If the top results have domain scores well above your own then it will be difficult to rank. What is your domain score I hear you ask. Get the chrome extension and install it on your browser and it will instantly tell you the domain score of any site you are on. The higher the domain score the better the site and its ability to rank.

The moz bar in search results and how to rank in google today
MoZ Bar In Action

The Metrics of Domain Authority

If you noticed on the screen shot of Neil Patels Ubersuggest he gave it a domain score of 50. The Moz bar gave it a DA of 75 and that’s normal. Each software has its own method of ranking sites and pages thats why I use several extensions. You will notice just above the black Moz bar I have more figures, DS = domain strength and TS = trust strength. Pick one method and stick with it.

On The Moz bar you will also see PA this is the page authority along with the number of backlinks. Which leads me on nicely to the next section

Analysis of Page 1 For The KW

So you have chosen your keyword after hours of brainstorming and searching on KW tools. Now to check out the competition and to see if it will rank in google today. So go get your Moz Tool bar see what they think your site score is. See how far away you are, remember don’t shoot for the moon on day one. Of course the above example is extreme so do not compare your site to this

If your domain score isn’t that far off, great let’s go for it. I have piked the keyword of ” weight training in Sheffield” and look at the results. The top result only has a DA 7 and a page authority of 10. Backlinks only 3, so this is definitely a KW anyone could reach for and rank on google today.

sera results for training in Sheffield to get onto google today
Weight Training Sheffield Results

So simply you measure the DA difference and then the links. Could you create that many backlinks for the page you want to rank in google. You could find out exactly what sites your competitor is linking to. If you don’t have the tools for that it is something we can provide at SME SEO Agency (contact us)., Your DA will increase as you produce content and increase backlinks. Now look at what they have written.

Create Something Different or Better

You have the results of page 1 from Ubersuggest so open the links. Take a look at what they have produced, does it appeal you instantly is it what you expected. Is it something you would stay on and read if you were not doing research on how rank in google today. If not why not and how would you make it better.

2 mens faces same man different expressions how to get on google be different
Be different stand out from the crowd

Ensure that you examine at least 5 of those sites and take notes as you go through them. Visual rating, content rating and what calls to action there is. I would also make a note of the word count as well. If you want accurate numbers just copy it and paste onto a word doc. Now just simply combine your notes, research along with your thoughts and then make it better. Simply do the best you can as half the effort will not get you half way up the Google ladder. It gets you nowhere like the other billion websites out there.

Make It Sharable

I don’t just mean have your social buttons on the page. I mean why do you share blog posts, tweet this and that. Provide the readers with something sharable. Some people like facts and figures, some people like to share amazing pictures. Take the time to understand what people like to share in your niche, what’s the common theme.

Social Shares

Look at the amount of social shares on the titanium strength gym. Take a look at the page and what do you see, would you share it. Now if you look at position 13 I could understand that being shared some. For me on that page its all about the before and after pics that people have probably shared. Do you know that some people resort to buying shares on their sites. So don’t get disheartened if your site isn’t a social media share super site. Everything is not always as it seems on the Internet.

On Page SEO To Rank In Google Today

Obviously this is an easy one having been certified in Yoast. This is simply a step by step process and something that you can control entirely. It just takes practice to get green for Yoast, so read my greater in depth article. You have created your killer content from your research so its by the numbers now. From the top

  1. Make that the SEO Title Is optimised
  2. Ensure that the Meta description is compelling
  3. Images optimised, size wise and Alt text populated
  4. Enough copy on page
  5. Sentence length
  6. Paragraph length
  7. Good use of subtitles
  8. Page speed
  9. Keyword distribution.
  10. Internal linking

Thats the basic thing to ensure that you get it right. Of course there is a little bit more to each statement in the list but they are the 10 ground rules. I strongly recommended that you install the free Yoast SEO plugin and follow the guidelines. We will be adding more How To’s on the Yoast topic in time.

Make It Good To The Eyes, User Intent

By this simple statement I mean that its done for the user intent. A page that not only looks good to the eye but provides good useful information to the reader. It doesn’t matter what topic it is try to answer all the questions you can on that topic. For example I fancy being a Gardner and I am going to search the Internet to find out everything I can. What questions would you want answered.

  • Do I need special tools to garden
  • Are the tools expensive
  • Will a cheap spade do for now
  • Do I need a green house
  • Do people still have allotments now and where could I find them
  • What should I grow first
  • what’s the easiest thing to grow
  • Its winter is there anything I can do to start gardening

The idea is that you provide every single answer your user may want. Ensure that they don’t have to leave your site. To create the ultimate piece. Make it as visually stunning as you can at the same time

coloured puffs of smoke to make it stunning to the eye

Build Links To The Page To Rank Up

Backlinks, now there are so many articles on this subject because they are still important in getting to rank in google today. Therefore you still need them, if you are unsure what backlinks are and why you need them I have a brief article on backlinks and there importance . If you want some serious reading on backlinks then Brian Dean is the bomb on this subject.

Internal links are also important, not only does a good site structure help the user navigate around your site. It also allows google to crawl it more easily and then index it. If you have a post that already ranks high link that to your new post to pass on the page authority. The more internal links to a page the more important google thinks that page is on your site. Thus its stand more chance to rank. Ensure that you have the free basic backlinks that everyone else has. Start from a level playing field.

chalk board think outside the box on how to get on to google

Improve An Update

This is about keeping the content fresh with relevant information and data. Brian Dean calls it the Skyscraper method and his rankings prove his theories. Yoast call it the Cornerstone Content, what every you refer to it as it needs to be the ultimate resource on that topic. If you want rank in google today you need to put the work in. The statistics for the average page ranking on page 1 of google today is around 2000 words. Therefore you need to be looking at producing that amount. It doesn’t have to be in one hit either.

Plan on a monthly basis time spent on a post. Expand on each subheading and add the detail. Consequently in time you will have produced epic content. Content that’s so complete that it becomes more sharable with each update. The more shares the more the potential for others linking into it becomes greater

Increase Your Domain Authority

The theory behind this is relevantly straight forward. Produce good content with good user metrics. People click on your links, they spend time on your site and they come back. You produce more content relevant to your site people link to your content because its so good. Your domain authority increase.

  1. Find Your Keyword

    Research using one of the KW finder tools

  2. Analyse page one results

    Check out the competition

  3. Create Content

    make it better

  4. Make It Sharable

    make it memorable

  5. On Page SEO

    Do all the basics correct

  6. Make It Look Good

    make it visually appealing

  7. Build Links

    Internal and External

  8. Improve and Update

    Keep building the page make it a skyscraper or cornerstone

  9. Increase your domain authority

    repeat all the steps above

How To Rank In Google Round Up

Of course there are a number of other factors to make this simple formula work. Your website needs to be free from any technical errors. Ideally you need a good site structure and no orphan pages. Short simple URL’s help. The site speed needs to be good. Get a site audit done so you know if you have problems. This article needs many improvements.

Will this article rank in the next few weeks. I doubt it yet as there is zero backlinks to this page. Its more of a basic guide for my clients. Over time I will expand on the content and realistically I don’t expect it to even get to page one for about 12 months. The target keywords are super hard. However Rome wasn’t built in a day. However have patience and persevere.