Competitor Keyword Research


Discover your competitors keywords (2 competitors)



This will provide high level competitor analysis with keyword research showing the keywords that they are ranking for and getting traffic from and also the keywords that they are using with Google Adwords. The analysis is ordered to show the best keywords first and so you can instantly see their best keywords.

This gives a very good picture of your market and exactly what your competition are doing and so how they are getting their traffic. It gives you the ability to see what is working and do the same for your web site and so increase the traffic and success that your site has.

For the organic keywords in Google I provide all of the keywords that your competition is ranking for and is providing traffic and so these are the keywords that you should go for. We also provide the search volume of the keyword and the position that the competitor ranks in and so you can easily see how well they are doing.

For the Google Adwords PPC we show you every keyword that the competitor is bidding on and that is providing traffic and so here you can see the keywords that must be good as the competition are paying to be displayed for them. And so you can easily add these keywords to your Adwords or other PPC accounts to get that same traffic or you can of course use them on your web site and so target that keyword with SEO and so get the traffic for free.