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Why Choose a Manual Audit?

Because the nuances matter. Automated scans can’t understand your business goals or the subtleties of your industry. A Manual Site Audit is personalised, detailed, and crafted with your business needs at the forefront.



Manual Site Audit: The Blueprint to Your Online Success

Get the Unvarnished Truth About Your Website

If you’re serious about improving your website, our Manual Site Audit is the first step you can’t afford to skip. Forget automated tools that miss the nuances — this is a hands-on, comprehensive check-up of your site by a seasoned SEO professional. (under 400 URL’s)

What’s Included?

  • In-Depth Analysis: From structure to content, nothing is off-limits. We scrutinise every corner of your site to find the cracks and the hidden gems.
  • Competitor Insights: See exactly where you stand against your competitors and what it’ll take to not just catch up, but overtake them.
  • Actionable Recommendations: No jargon-filled reports to gather dust. You get straightforward advice that you can act on immediately.
  • Prioritized To-Do List: Know what needs to be done first to get the quickest wins for your site.
  • Follow-Up Consultation: Have questions about your audit? You get a one-on-one follow-up session to ensure you’re set for success.

Warning: If you are easily offended and you don’t want an honest opinion about your website I can recommend other people.

The SEO audit process