SEO Small Ecommerce And A Small Budget

SEO Small Ecommerce And A Small Budget

They say that SEO is basically unachievable on a small budget and that you will get nowhere. Recently on LinkedIn there was a post stating that for £500 a month you would probably just get site maintenance and nothing much more for that bargain basement price. Actually lots and lots of agencies we’re all agreeing that for that money nothing was possible. The argument was that the people who charge little achieve nothing and are devaluing the market.

It may be that some agencies are actually taking too much money and thats why companies are scared to invest so much. There are no guarantees in SEO as the Google goal posts are always moving, if anyone promises page 1 position 1 then run a mile. I work with a number of solopreneur, start ups who just don’t have a big budget for marketing. I do what I can to give them the traction to grow.

Ecommerce Budget

This particular Ecommerce is only 10 hours a month and I started around November 2018. The payments have not always been consist either due to Covid 19 or when he has invested in the business in other places. They have had the business for many years and make a living, they are never going to get rich. However after many attempts with the dishonest SEO crews they decided to give it one more shot.

This November (2020) has been the best month ever for orders, the traffic hasn’t seen massive increase but what has happened those that come buy. The traffic has become more targeted and more orders placed.

Google Analytics

To start with average visitors per day was around 30/35. Today it his around 110/120 so traffic has gone up but nothing spectacular. Impressions has about doubled in the same time period, this sector has national wide distributors.

Ecommerce The Money The Sales

orders & items

Monthly averages

to be continued after clients work

The most visited URL for the last 2 months is a blog post that I updated a while back and then updated in August 2020. The post has “best” within the title and probably needs updating again along with tweaking to increase conversions on that product.

Because of the lockdowns due to covid-19 this business has suffered on 2 fronts. Firstly the products they sell, the need dwindled due to people being on furlough, the products just weren’t needed. Secondly the people on furlough decided to use their time to create Amazon affiliates sites. The pages that are eating into rankings are long form comparison post with lots of long tail keywords within them. Of course they have the time to spend creating ultimate posts.

Not a massive increase in 2021 but, it is still an increase in turnover in these testing times. One thing has changed and that they sell a more diverse range of products. In fact his best selling item of 2021 is something he had never sold in 2018 or 2019. It is a product connected to a personal passion of mine so it was easy to add content and insights to those products.

However, one area they cannot compete on is customer service because they don’t have a business per-say.

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