The Case Study Of Increasing Traffic With SEO

The Case Study Of Increasing Traffic With SEO

Updated February 2023

So this particular client is still using my services on a monthly rolling schedule.

This site provides services to the general public. The timeframe of this study is 16 months and with a set budget each month. The first stage was to audit the site first using Ahrefs and SERanking. The next stage was a manual audit and bring all the data together.

Get The Basics Right

At this stage there was no glaringly obvious technical issues thankfully. Except I could not get the https version to verify in google search console until July 19. The first job was to go though over 200 articles and apply best practice on page SEO. Of course best practice on page will be different for everyone, most people in SEO will argue what’s best, so I suggest go with what brings you results.

Also at this stage I started to add internal links to the site, there was already some internal links but it was inconsistent. Also the actual anchors made little sense in what they were actually linking to.

This is a snap of actual traffic back in June 2019, this is 7 days of data taken from Google search console.

The next screen shot s exactly the same site and the data is the last 7 days from today. Oct 2020
Oct 20
Aug 21. 7 day snapshot

As you can see there is more than 3 times the amount of impressions along with nearly 5 times as many click throughs (Jun 19-Oct20). The traffic has gone up a staggering amount. This was down to just a few excellent posts that now rank number 1 for a multitude of keyword terms. The question is how to you get there and what do you do.

This is the google Analytics screen shot

The Traffic Still Climbing

30th September 2021 update


Fast forward around 15 months, a few bumps in the way but continued growth.

Feb 2023
Organic Growth. Data from GSC Oct 20

Fast forward 7 months and the growth continues at a steady pace. No magic, no silver bullet, just more content with relevant internal links. I have also created some web2 sites on single topics for backlinks to the main site. No other links have been requested or sought after, only links gained have all been natural.

The spike in Oct/Nov was a national news story on all medias
Oct 21

Organic Clicks on Google have now topped 20k in a single month

Feb 23
GCS Data Oct 20
Aug 20

Now at nearly a million impressions for the month

Feb 23

In fact for the niche the site is in it has very few backlinks and the domain authority is very low. Looking at the estimated traffic stats an keywords from the Ahrefs dashboard are way off.

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